What people are saying

ArborLit Ornaments are a lot more than just books, or Christmas tree ornaments. Within the pages each one is packed with the incredible warmth that Christmas is known for. Here is what people are saying about ArborLit Ornaments:

“. . . (They are) as heartwarming as rum punch, and as beautifully sentimental as Dickens’ A Christmas Carol . . .”

“Evoked nostalgic memories of precious time shared with family and loved ones. Definitely warmed my heart.”
“I just got the whole set of four and after reading them all, each one in certain parts left me breathless. Wow! I can safely say, these ‘ornaments’ will keep on giving for many years to come!”
“I was surprised by the compliments I received about these ArborLit ornaments hanging from my tree when my family came over Christmas Eve. My dad actually took one off the tree and sat on the couch and quietly read it while we were all chatting. At one point I glanced at him and couldn’t believe my eyes; it was the first time I ever saw him cry!”
“Another wonderful Christmas themed short story that will leave you laughing out loud and crying with joy.”
“Snowflake was a heartfelt story, and brought me back to so many wonderful memories of my childhood and of my grandparents.”