ArborLit defined




a roof formed by trees or climbing plants trained over a wooden framework



books and writings published on a particular subject of lasting artistic merit


books that can be hung on your Christmas tree like an ornament


They are short stories, some quite long at just under the novella threshold of 20,000 words.

Each one comes in a durable gloss laminate cover and is guaranteed to look great on your Christmas tree for many years to come.

ArborLits are keepsakes that magically transform your Christmas tree into a conversation piece.

WHY AN ArborLit?

Each Christmas you put a lot of love under the tree. This Christmas why not put some love on your tree that will add an enduring warmth to your home for countless Christmases to come?

With their richly varying covers, they are as elegant and warm as they are nostalgic and beautiful.

The perfect gift for the readers and Christmas-lovers on your list!

What could be better than having your family gather around the Christmas tree and someone—your mother, father, sister, brother—read an “ornament” and be filled with laughter, be moved to tears, but in all cases be imbued with an enduring warmth befitting the Season?